Quitting Smoking is easier than ever!

Nicotine - a clever & dangerous enemy.

Nicotine takes 6 seconds to reach to your brain-twice as fast as injecting heroin.

Each time you inhale a cigarette, nicotine rushes to the brain, flooding nerve receptor sites that are normally filled with endorphins-nature's feel-good chemical (Jogger's High). The brain then backs-off endorphin production-becoming dependant on nicotine.

Your options for quitting include:

1. Cold Turkey—leaves your brain with no endorphins, no nicotine and wide-open receptor sites—result, 80 cravings a day.
2. Gum & Patch—continues feeding your addiction to nicotine.
3. Zyban™—originally marketed as an anti-depressant.
4. Acupuncture—contacts the same points as Acculaser. However, needles can be painful, miss the mark, and provide inadequate stimulation.

Acculaser—your most powerful ally.

Acculaser’s cool laser treatment stimulates your central nervous system, generating huge amounts of endorphins—immediately.

1. Day 1—only 3 to 5 cravings
2. 12-24 hours—endorphin development increases
3. First few weeks—endorphins continue to increase
4. 4-6 weeks—endorphin levels dissipate slowly
5. After 6 weeks—endorphin production returns to normal

Free appetite suppression treatment—limited time offer

Because the fear of gaining weight prevents many people from quitting smoking, Acculaser includes an additional treatment to curb your appetite cravings along with your nicotine cravings—free of charge.

Free booster treatment

If you feel tempted to resume smoking, we’ll provide a follow-up booster treatment to alleviate residual cravings—free of charge.

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