Acculaser Helps You Lose Weight!

Research has shown that stimulating specific energy points can curb the appetite, depress hunger cravings, reduce excess water, stimulate the metabolism to burn off extra calories and correct the internal body imbalances.

Acculaser produces the following beneficial effects:

Suppresses appetite.
Suppresses hunger.
Lowers body mass.
Increases the metabolic rate allowing people to burn weight twice as fast.
Lowers and helps normalize lipid levels in the blood.
Decreases menopausal weight gain.
Decreases adipose tissue (body fat).
Stimulates the production of endorphins - the body's feel good chemicals. Endorphins have a calming effect and help reduce cravings for carbohydrate foods.

On average, you can lose 2 - 3 pounds per week or 10 - 14 pounds per month. Our clients begin to lose inches before the weight and they quickly notice the difference in their clothes!

No need to buy special foods, join a group or use drugs! Acculaser is not a "diet". It is a process to 'accelerate' change. Our treatment helps, but it needs the commitment from you to follow through.

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